How to Download and Install Discontinuity


You can get Discontinuity from one of two sources. Official, somewhat stable, releases, can be found on its Sourceforge download page. You can also get the latest CVS snapshot with either anonymous read-only CVS access or through a webbased interface. Instructions on CVS access can be found on Discontinuity's Sourceforge CVS page.


To use Discontinuity, you must have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) set up. You can download a JRE from the Java website. To use the CVS snapshots, you must also have the Java SDK, also available from Java's website.

The official releases are precompiled .zip files. Small shell scripts for Windows and Unix can be found in the main unzipped directory. They expect the java /bin directory to be in the executable path. If you wish to execute Discontinuity without the shell scripts, simple use a Java byte-code interpreter to execute the discontinuity.gui.Discontinuity class.

The CVS snapshots are uncompiled, so you will will have to compile them yourself. You may wish to try:

cd discontinuity
javac discontinuity/*.java discontinuity/gui/*.java